Mellel - The word processor of my choice!

I use Mac OS X, as I already stated. In order to succeed with my BA Thesis I wondered what word processor to use. It is well known that many people work with Microsoft "Word", but I dont like the handling nor the formatting options.

So I tried out "Mellel", which is a great word processor from Israel. And despite I do not really need all the features like Hebrew or Arabic letters, it is very simple and great to Use. When you have to work with a long text, I can only say: Have a look on Mellel, I am sure you gonna like it!

What do you use for texting? Please let me now!

Hi Folks!

As already mentioned in the "about me" article, this is gonna be my personal blog!
I am a student from Germany (so please excuse my terrible English, I write in English in order friends of mine in the States can understand my posts) and going to write my BA Thesis these days.
My interests are movies, online stuff and apple, so that is also what i am going to write about!